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Crescent Moon Production provides comprehensive turnkey technical solutions for our client productions with an emphasis on qualified suppliers, accurate technical pre-production planning and cost-effective budgets.

Since 1996, Crescent Moon Production has provided broadcast services for our selves and client for TV, Film and Commercials productions worldwide. We maintain the most extensive and technically accurate database information on 800 TV Trucks, 900 satellite and fiber transmission sources, and over 12,000 qualified freelance technicians around the world. Additionally we offer RF & Microwave services, Rental equipment, Lighting Systems, Generators, Camera Jibs, Booms and Robotics, Steadicam systems, Lighting/PA equipment, and all affiliated production services our clients require.

"You have arrived to the best kept secret in TV production!" in the words of one of our clients. Crescent Moon Production is a television production company that specializes in remote sports, entertainment, religious events, and corporate meetings. Our engineers and technicians are considered the finest in the television business. We have worked with Mav TV, MOR, Men’s channel, Univision, R and R channel and more. We have produced everything from How to do shows to reality TV to Fashion events.





News and Events

12 Dec 2008 |
Started negociations with Versus TV Network
Crescent Moon Production Entertainment has started negociations for 6 tv show with Versuse Network..

7 Jan 2009 |
Four New Tv show on Resorts and Residence TV Network
Four TV show that Crescent Moon Production Entertainment now has four TV airing on Resorts and Residence TV Network..


29 Mar 2010 |

Crescent Moon Production has relauched CAU TV Atlanta, with and additional IPTV advancement.

1 Mar 2011 |

Crescent Moon Production have expanded to office location to LA.

10 June 2011 |

Crescent Moon Production goes international with My channel UK to lauch 10 new shows

12 Janr 2012 |

Crescent Moon Production will be working with My24hrour news to lauch there new digital and broadcast platform in mid 2012.

19 Feb 2012 |

Crescent Moon Production is lauching a new international TV platform with AMG TV.



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picture"Your company has been an incredible pleasure to work. Experience, Orginaize,Efficiant, nothing more to say"

by: Murdell Mcfarland, CAU-TV